Talking about bullying

On this website we encourage you, the reader to write about your experiences in the comments, so I, the granddaughter of this duo, am going to tell one of my experiences about bullying which I had. One of the experiences about bullying that I had was when this boy decided that he wanted to pull people down the slide by their feet and one of those people he decided to do that to was me. He was doing that to me and my friends so, we decided to talk to our homeroom teacher about it and when we did she said he would never do that. Next, because she was not going to listen to us we went to our other teacher and she listened. Then, later after we talked to our other teacher, the boy came crying to our homeroom teacher because I clapped at him for his lovely rudeness and she told me to apologize to him so, I did and they only did as much as text all of our parents. Thank you for reading, I know we haven’t posted in a while, but we came back in this time of need to tell a story because in this time we just need to come together while being apart.