Blog #2 Watch Words

Hello World! Since our last blog, we have researched words that we can use as reminders to modify our own aggressive and/or violent behavior toward others or recognize behavior that causes our own mental, emotional or physical discomfort.

We will begin by borrowing the following three words from CNVC that cover most of these negative behaviors and can form a shorthand or watch for our words that impede peaceful communication and coexistence: words that state or allude to BLAME, JUDGEMENT and DOMINATION.

While we investigate the topic of bullying, we are going to find practical ways to begin immediately standing up for human rights-our own and others- without having to join a particular program or learning one particular method. We will attempt to do the background work and glean the major points of behavior that do not require our readers to do laborious reading or lengthy study time. At the same time, we will document the sources that we use so the option is always available to do additional reading and comparisons if desired.

We hope that readers become intrigued and invested in actively practicing and  promoting peaceful communication enough to want to get additional information to prove or refute the ideas advanced. It is our hope that our suggestions are tried and we heartily encourage feedback and new ideas that we can use. When you submit, let us know the basis of your source whether personal opinion/experience or professional/organizational so we may do further inquiry also.

Our next blog will begin to list words, phrases and sentences that we can say to COMBAT bullying behavior when we believe we are being bullied. We will begin to list words, phrases and sentences that can be used to make us feel bullied: BLAMED, JUDGED OR DOMINATED!! Perception is reality.

Peaceful cooperation, coexistence and compromise can come only AFTER the bullying ends!

Until next time, live and not die.

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